Friends of CØDA


At CØDA we rely on our patrons continued support. In supporting CØDA you are supporting music of our time, educational outreach programs, diverse and authentic programming, as well as helping the ensemble to maintain low ticket costs. We are committed to use our resources to create meaningful concert experiences. All patrons will be recognized by name in CØDA’s concert programs.

CØDA offers three levels of sponsorship:

Concert Sponsor: Any donation of $150-$300. Concert sponsors gain access to a sponsor exclusive newsletter, and free tickets to any concerts. Concert sponsors are also invited to a closed door rehearsal, to see the ensemble’s progress. Named in two (2) CØDA concert programs.

Project Sponsor: Any donation of $301-$600. Project sponsors’ donations span multiple concerts, helping to cover many of the more demanding costs, such as videography, audio recordings, and venue spaces. Project sponsors gain access to a sponsor exclusive newsletter, (2) tickets to any (2) concerts. Project sponsor’s are also invited to any (2) closed door rehearsals, choosing from any upcoming project. Named in three (3) CØDA concert programs.

Season Sponsor: Any donation of $600+. Season sponsors play a huge roll in the success of our season’s projects. This funding allows for the larger structure of the season to emerge, including venue costs, music rental, personnel costs, and much much more. Season sponsors receive (2) season tickets, access to any closed door rehearsal. Named in all CØDA concert programs.

If you are interested in becoming a patron of CØDA Ensemble, please send an email to

For the price of a cup of coffee you can help guarantee the success of one of the most innovative chamber ensembles in Boston. All donations may be made here, and thank you!